Dallas: Donuts and Asking for What You Want

There are vegan donuts available in Dallas.

QUESTION: When did that happen, and why didn’t anyone tell me?!

ANSWER: Years and years ago, and because you never asked.

Jennifer of Dallas Mom’s Blog has been frequenting Donut Palace in Dallas for five years. Recently, one of her kids was diagnosed with an egg allergy. Like many people who have out-of-the-ordinary food requests, Jennifer avoided asking about the donuts at her family’s weekly donut trip. I can imagine what she went through. If you ask, you’re likely to get an answer you don’t want to hear. As long as you put off asking, the donuts could be safe to eat.

Finally Jennifer faced the inevitable, asked about the donuts, and got a huge surprise.  Not only were the donuts egg-free, but they’re also dairy-free and peanut-free, as well. The proprietor avoids using those ingredients because those allergies are so common, yet he never thought to advertise his donuts as being anything special.

Moral of the story? Even though it’s a bit embarrassing or intimidating or you dread hearing the “wrong” answer, go ahead and ask. Otherwise, you risk being donut-less for no reason at all.


Thanks to Jamey of Dallas Vegan for sharing the Dallas Mom’s Blog post.