Big Tex and the Texas State Fair

Source: LostinTexas

Early this morning, Big Tex, a 60-year-old Texas icon, caught fire due to an electrical problem. If you’ve never met Big Tex, he’s the friendly giant at the Texas State Fair who greeted fairgoers with a hearty “Howdy, folks!”

I probably went to the State Fair every year as a child (all school children receive free tickets and a day off school in October). Big Tex, along with the giant ferris wheel, the new car showroom, the butter sculptures, and the people in the exhibit hall (think As Seen on TV) who magically made my glasses steamproof, was a part of my childhood and my identity as a Texan.

While I have ethical problems with much of the State Fair these days (animal cruelty is a prominent feature of the fair), Big Tex wasn’t part of that. He’ll be missed sorely.


This weekend, I’ll be traveling to Dallas for the Texas State Veggie Fair, the ethical response to the traditional fair. I hope you’ll join me there. If you visit the traditional fair as well, check out this list of healthy food at the fair, much of which is vegan.