Will Travel for Vegan Food in Texas

Neener neener people who joke that you can’t be vegan in Texas!

“According to HappyCow.net, a veg restaurant resource website, New York City has the greatest number of all-vegan restaurants in the world. While NYC remains the forerunner in this category, through my multistep research plan to find vegan food in each state, I’ve come to learn that Texas houses more than 50 vegan, and an even greater number of vegan-friendly restaurants. Particularly in Houston and Austin where there is a combined 30-plus vegan restaurants. I’ve never been to Texas so I am looking forward to explore this surprising and growing vegan hub,” said [Kristin] Lajeunesse. (emphasis mine) [Source] 

Lone Star Plate was started in 2009 by a group of Texans who wanted to show that, yes, you can be vegan in Texas. Does this mean it’s time for the blog to retire?

You can follow Kristin Lajeunesse’s travels through Texas and beyond at her website.

James McWilliams: On Staying Vegan

James McWilliams, Texan academic and environmental advocate, has a great post on his website about staying vegan in Texas. We all have those awkward moments when Grandma or the Chairman of the Board puts a steak in front of us, and McWilliams has some great advice for dealing with it.

The one thing I would add to his recommendations is to make some vegan friends. They don’t have to be your best friends and they shouldn’t be your only friends (diversity, y’all), but it helps to have people to turn to who realize how absurd it is that the vegan option was a plate of lettuce with one tomato. While you’re sitting there munching on fibery-water, imagine how you’ll describe it to your friends and the experience will turn into a funny story that much sooner.