What This Vegan Eats

Photo by adav. Licensed under creative commons

There’s a meme going around the vegan internet of “what does a vegan eat.” The idea is to post a three-day snapshot of what you eat. Fellow Austinite Krys of Two Vegan Boys is participating, and I thought I would, too. You can read the original 3 day food diary by Kaye Spector of The Plain Dealer here.

Breakfast: whole wheat English muffin with spinach and Daiya mozzarella melted under the broiler and an almond milk cafe au lait.
Snack: pistachios
Lunch: leftover Chinese food (Szechuan green beans, General Tso tofu with broccoli) and a plum
Dinner: spaghetti casserole (whole wheat spaghetti, seitan crumbles, tomato sauce with Daiya mozzarella sprinkled on top)
Snack: Sour creme and onion crackers

Breakfast: English muffin pizza and almond milk cafe au lait
Lunch: Salad, spring roll, and tofu gang panang curry from Titaya’s
Dinner: Veggie burger and cherries
Snack: Sour creme and onion crackers

Breakfast: several glasses of almond milk cafe au lait
Lunch: half a veggie burger with jalapenos, pico de gallo, and barbecue sauce and sweet potato fries at Burger Tex
Dinner: white bean puree with crostata, rosemary sourdough bread, Capellini Neopolitano at Asti Trattoria

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