Biscuits and Groovy

The Gloria Gaynor, vegan style. Source: mollyjade

It’s hard for me to believe I haven’t written about Biscuits and Groovy yet, but a quick search of the archives shows I haven’t. It’s a regular part of my brunch rotation now, but it took me awhile to warm up to it. For the first months they were open, their menu was in constant flux. First they were vegetarian (and vegan-friendly), and I was thrilled to support a new veg business. Then they added bacon to the menu, and I was crushed. Then they took it off. The menu morphed and changed multiple times. But, it’s finally settled down and I’ve adjusted my expectations.

Biscuits and Groovy serves, as you’ve probably guessed, biscuits. The groovy refers to a music swapping program, though it’s also how they refer to their gravies. The final menu does include eggs, dairy, and meat. Sigh. But almost everything on the menu can be made vegan. (One pet peeve, they label things “real” or “vegan.”) Order yourself a few fluffy biscuits and cover them with anything from Daiya cheese or gravy to jalapenos or sausage. My favorite is the Gloria Gaynor ($9) with gravy, tofu scramble, Daiya, bacon, sausage, jalapeno, and chives, though often I’ll just order a few biscuits with jam (sadly, vegan margarine is the one alternative they don’t carry). It’s a pretty good deal at a dollar per biscuit.

The food tends to take a while to make, even if you just get a biscuit with jam, but they have a fairly nice shaded area with green onions growing, which always gives me a kick for some reason. I spend my wait pulling the deal leaves off the onions and sipping coffee from Flight Path.

8 thoughts on “Biscuits and Groovy

  1. I can’t believe we didn’t make it to Biscuits & Groovy when we were in Austin, it looks great (although I think I’d find the “real” or “vegan” labels a little irritating – it isn’t fake food people!!) and it’s on the list for next time!

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  3. I love the Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor, but I was also very impressed with the burrito. The owner actually gave me a discount on it because I only (!!!) wanted 6 or 7 things in my burrito. Makes me wonder how much stuff people normally request!

  4. Wow, that looks outstanding! The “real” and “vegan” on the menu thing is really annoying, but I might be able to overlook it if I get to eat those biscuits after ordering! 😉

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