Some Problems Only a Taco Can Fix

Tamale House East tacos

(Left) vegan fajita taco, (right) crispy bean taco from Tamale House East. The crispy bean was the clear winner.

Yesterday and today were rough days at work. I’m pretty sure the only reason I made it through was because of tacos. Specifically, Tamale House East tacos.

Here’s the thing about Tamale House East (and the original, too). They’re called Tamale House, but they’re known for their tacos. It’s the kind of paradox you have to be able to live with if you’re going for Fuego.

But the hard parts of today and yesterday are gone (take that giant project that I finished with three whole hours to spare!). Now I can focus on the fun stuff. Like taco zine construction.

Y’all, this zine is going to be awesome. There’s a taco crossword, a foreword by the amazing Laura Beck of Vegansaurus/Jezebel, adorable taco illustrations, taco yoga, a taco personality quiz, taco cleansing tips, and lots of recipes! We’re only publishing a small number of the zines. Originally, it was going to cost $2,000, but now you’ll get all this for the low, low cost of $7 (plus shipping and handling).

Don’t wait! Preorder your copy of this limited-quantity item now through Rabbit Food Grocery.

(Rumor is there will be taco cleanse kits available for purchase as well.)

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