Greenling + Engine 2 Diet = Happy Lazy Healthy People

All you folks in San Antonio and Austin thinking of improving your diet after seeing Forks Over Knives, it just got a little easier. Organic delivery service Greenling has teamed up with the Engine 2 Diet folks to offer a recipe basket with all the ingredients needed for five recipes from Rip’s book. Most of the stuff is even pre-measured. How easy is it that?*

The recipes are for one of the two baskets are Sweet Potato Lasagna, Black Beans and Rice with Vegetable Relish, Confetti Couscous with Seasonal Mixed Vegetables, Two Bean Chili, and Jammin’ Burritos. It should feed 2 people for each meal. I’m guessing you’d have some leftovers to take for lunches as well.

If you haven’t explored Greenling before, they deliver groceries to your door, and there’s no delivery fee. A minimum order is $25. They focus on organic and local products, and they have lots of “baskets” set up to help you shop quickly, like the Engine 2 basket above. Ordering their local produce box is like joining a CSA, but without the commitment. And there’s a “vegan” filter when you shop so you don’t have to wade through photos of meat and dairy when you’re looking for your locally-made tofu. In other words, they’re pretty neat.**

*I’m channeling Ina Garten today! Dinner will be served in the garden with matching napkins and just-clipped flowers.

**Obligatory disclaimer. I have an account with Greenling, but have never ordered from them. And this blog post was in no way solicited from Greenling nor will I be compensated for it.

2 thoughts on “Greenling + Engine 2 Diet = Happy Lazy Healthy People

  1. I had greenling deliver for a while when I lived downtown. They charge a deposit for your delivery tote box, which is refundable if you ever decide to stop getting deliveries. I just kept the tote when I moved, as they didn't deliver to my neighborhood at the time. I had a pretty good experience with them, except when they would substitute something non-vegan for something that I ordered that was out of stock, and not tell me ahead of time. I had to return the non-vegan stuff several times. Kind of annoying, but they were nice about it.

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