Brunch in Houston

Vegan pancakes and coffee at Seward Cafe in Minneapolis. I just got back from Minneapolis where it was so hard to choose from all the vegan brunch options. Photo by Transguyjay. Licensed under creative commons

Things are looking up for vegan brunch in Houston. Before, the only choices were Field of Green or Whole Foods, and Whole Foods doesn’t really offer a “brunch experience”. But the number of brunch options has doubled recently.

Radical Eats will be serving a Sunday brunch buffet, complete with mimosa, starting August 14. Brunch will be $11 and is served from 11AM to 7PM. Perfect for lie-a-beds.

Green Seed Vegan is getting in on brunch service as well. They just announced their brunch cryptically on Facebook and Twitter: “two words: vegan brunch“. Having tasted their wonderful sandwiches, I can only imagine it’ll be great. No word yet when brunch will be served.

Field of Green is a pescetarian restaurant with lots of vegan options, and they’re open for brunch on Sunday from 11AM to 3PM. I haven’t had their brunch yet, and they don’t say much about it online. Anyone ever been?

I’m throwing Whole Foods in here, too. You can get a nice vegan latte and some baked goods from Sinfull bakery, which makes a pretty nice brunch. But it’s lacking that atmosphere that encourages you to sit back and tackle the Sunday crossword.

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