Austin: New Vegan Options at Galaxy Cafe

Galaxy Cafe has modified their menu to make it more vegan-friendly, part of a growing trend of restaurants offering more vegan options. Veggie burgers in particular are taking up more menu space recently. Seventeen percent more restaurants serve veggie burgers  now than in 2008.

Galaxy Cafe is launching their own homemade vegan burger at their West Lynn location on October 5. Soon after, the burger will be available at the other two locations. This burger will replace their previous veggie burger, which was not vegan.Galaxy Cafe has also started stocking portobello mushrooms in all their kitchens. A mushroom cap can now be substituted for the meat on any of their menu items. With the exception of the multigrain bread, which contains honey, all of their breads and tortillas are vegan. Galaxy Cafe keeps vegan menus at the cash register if you have further questions about what items can be made vegan. I’d love it if the vegan menu could make it onto their website as well so more people can see the great vegan options available there.

A big thank you to Galaxy Cafe! I can’t wait to try out your new burger.

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