Vegan Pizza in Fort Worth

I was alerted to a vegan pizza option in Fort Worth through this blog post. Chadra Mezza, a Mediterranean restaurant, has updated their menu. The new menu indicates vegetarian and vegan items with a dark orange leaf. Unfortunately, popular items are marked with a light orange leaf, but you’re smart enough to figure out the difference. (Some people might call that leaf yellow, but I swear it’s light orange.)

There are lots of items marked with the leaf, and the owner seems eager to discuss vegan options with customers. But probably most exciting of all is that Chadra Mezza offers Daiya cheese for their pizzas, and, presumably, other dishes as well. For an up charge of course.

I’m intrigued by some of their non-pizza items like the Mezza burger, which is hummus and turnip pickles in a falafel bun. Doesn’t a falafel bun sound interesting? There’s no telling which of the vegetarian items can be made vegan just by looking at the menu, but I’m planning to ask about the eggplant parm next time I’m in Fort Worth. I’ve been dreaming about spaghetti and eggplant parm!

Have you been to Chadra Mezza? Have a favorite dish there? Tell us about it in the comments.

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