Supplementing on the Taco Cleanse: Mexican Martinis

Mexican Martini

Mexican Martini

Supplementing on the taco cleanse is key. Yesterday, we all met to work on the taco cleanse zine (on sale soon!). We ate Vegan Nom Three Amigos Tacos and watched the Three Amigos. And we drank Mexican Martinis.

Mexican Martinis are an Austin institution. A few local restaurants make them. They’re a cross between a margarita on the rocks and a dirty martini. A big part of their appeal is that restaurants limit you to two drinks. Why? Who knows. But of course you feel compelled to order two.

There are lots of recipes for Mexican Martinis online, but here’s how we make them at our house (including a nonalcoholic version).

Mexican Martini

2 ounces vodka
2 ounces Cointreau
2 ounces lime juice
a splash of orange juice
a splash of olive brine (from the jar of olives)
a generous pour of citrus soda
green olives

Combine everything but the olives in a drink shaker with plenty of ice. Shake shake shake. Strain into a glass and garnish with at least two olives. Seriously. Don’t skimp on the olives.

Nonalcoholic Mexican Martini

4 ounces citrus soda (Sprite, 7 Up, Fresca)
1 ounce lime juice
a splash of orange juice
a splash of olive brine
green olives

Combine as above

5 thoughts on “Supplementing on the Taco Cleanse: Mexican Martinis

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  2. I remember snakebite and black being banned or limited in some pubs when I first came of drinking age. Later I made up a cocktail I named “sick in the garden” for reasons you can probably guess. It involved s&b and a double measure of Cointreau. Perhaps I was particularly foolhardy but it seems Cointreau does quite a lot of damage in some kind of cocktails, sweetening and making fruity the path to waking up feeling like a pig shat in your head (to paraphrase from Withnail and I.

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