One Week Taco Cleanse Meal Plan

burger taco

burger taco

Some people have a hard time imaging taco cleansing for a whole week. What to eat?  So I’ve come up with an easy meal plan that anyone can follow.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday breakfast tacos bean and potato tacos Burger tacos
Tuesday breakfast tacos tempeh bacon and spinach tacos Pad Thai-cos
Wednesday breakfast tacos chickpea salad tacos in lettuce Waffle tacos
Thursday breakfast tacos Amy’s tofu scramble tacos Lentil and Cauliflower Rice tacos
Friday breakfast tacos Salad tacos Totcho tacos
Saturday breakfast tacos Tacos from Freebirds or Chipotle, be generous with the guacamole Pizza tacos
Sunday breakfast tacos White Bean and Potato Tacos Buffalo Chickpea Soft Tacos with Avocado Sour Cream

Keys to creating your own taco cleanse meal plan

  1. Tacos. Lots and lots of tacos.
  2.  Make sure your tacos aren’t actually burritos.
  3. Don’t forget to supplement with Mexican martinis and margaritas!

I’m thinking of making this a regular thing and charging $50 each. Let me know if paypal or direct deposit works better for y’all!

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