Taco Cleanse: Day Two

Migas tacos

Migas tacos and vegan queso from Kerbery Lane. Panang curry tacos not pictured. They were tasty but very unphotogenic.

I’m well into my second day of taco cleansing. So far my detoxing symptoms have included sleepiness nightly at around midnight and a strong thirst when I’ve been gardening in the Texas heat. And I think my hair is growing a touch slower than usual the last two days. Hopefully this will all pass soon as the toxins leave my system. Otherwise, I may need to change the date of my next hair cut appointment.

In order not to strain myself during this trying part of the taco cleanse, I ate all my meals out today. Brunch was migas tacos with queso at Kerbey Lane. Those kept me going strong until dinnertime when I assembled panang curry tacos with the help of the folks at Pad Thai (tofu dishes are made without fish sauce there, FYI).

Taco Ingredients

Taco Ingredients. Am I missing anything important?

Later in the day, I gathered enough strength to check my taco making supplies. Hopefully these will be enough to get me through this first week.

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