Taco Spirituality

Taco Cleanse Ceremony

The taco priest watches over the flames of our taco sacrifice. I sit in the bottom left corner clutching a fire extinguisher in case the taco flames engulf us all.

Going into the Taco Cleanse, I knew community support would be important. What I didn’t realize, is how that community support would be so spiritual. This past weekend, our community of taco cleansers met in my backyard to embrace the taco cleanse and talk taco.

We started off with a few taco chants (taco…taco…taco…), and then the master of taco ceremonies arrived robed in brown and carrying the taco effigy. After a taco song of prayer, we sacrificed the big taco and asked the taco gods to rain a thousand tacos on our heads.

And then we ate.


If you’re looking for your own taco spirituality, but there’s no official taco support group in your city, I have a few suggestions for you

  • Keep a daily taco journal. Contemplate the meaning of taco. Just what does taco mean to you?
  • Dress up as a taco. Be the taco.
  • Write taco haiku
Essence of taco:
Flat, yet not so very flat
that I can’t hold you

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