New Vegan Food Carts in Texas

Did you know today is World Vegan Day? There are events happening all around the world. I thought I’d celebrate by gushing over the vegan food cart renaissance in Texas. These carts are all about to open or opened recently.

Arlo’s will be located on 6th Street in Austin and will keep bar hours. So now you have a new spot to grab some food before taking the bus home after a night of carousing. Fittingly, the menu is full of classic bar food like burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, and chips. (My secret wish is for chili cheese fries.) Arlo’s is no slouch. They’re making their own burgers, seitan bacon, and hot dogs. I’m more likely to stay home and read a book than carouse in a bar, but I can’t wait to try out this food.

Eat At Zombies will be operating in the Greater Fort Worth area. They hope to open by November. The head zombie gave me a sneak peek at their menu, which is full of comfort fusion food like a Buffalo Joe (sloppy joe meets buffalo wings), Seoul Survivor (bulgogi sandwich with sriracha-ginger mayo), Hanoi Polloi (a bahn-mi-style tofu sandwich), and The Panther (chipotle barbecued tempeh with caramelized onions, cole slaw, and chipotle ranch).

Asian Lettuce Wraps. Photo from Good Karma Kitchen's Facebook page. Licensed under creative commons.

Good Karma Kitchen This truck isn’t 100% vegan, but it is 100% vegetarian and gluten-free and very vegan-friendly. They’re opening very soon in Fort Worth, and the menu will include foods inspired by places around the world. Check out their Facebook page for a sampling of the items on their menu.

Jackalope The owners of this cart spent years working in others’ restaurants and dreamed of opening their own vegan business. Jackalope was a huge hit at the Texas State Veggie Fair. The menu promises to be traditional sandwiches with a gourmet vegan twist. The truck will wander around DFW. Keep track of their location by Twitter or Facebook.

Cinnamon ice cream with butterscotch sauce. Photo by mollyjade. Licensed under creative commons

Kat’s Ice Cream This adorable orange truck was opened by a family member of Thai Fresh in South Austin. The ice creams range from traditional flavors like vanilla to more adventurous flavors like Hibiscus and Ghost Pepper. Ice creams are made with a variety of plant milks. Choose coconut for a really creamy ice cream or soy or rice for something lighter. You can also choose from a variety of toppings, from chocolate chips to sticky rice!

Tempeh Jerk Sandwich from Green Seed Vegan. Photo by mollyjade. Licensed under creative commons

And a quick shout of love to our established trailers, Counter Culture, Conscious Cravings, Vegan Yacht, and Green Seed Vegan. Thanks for leading the way!

DFW: The Happy Poet

There’s an adorable-sounding movie called The Happy Poet that premiered at the most recent SXSW. The movie is a comedy about an idealistic young man who wants to open an organic mostly-vegetarian food cart in Austin, Texas, and the struggles he goes through trying to open his business.

It’s playing briefly at a few theaters in DFW, including The Texas Theater, where Spiral Diner will be selling food in the lobby before the movie this Saturday and Sunday.

Ann Gentry at Central Market

Image from Ann Gentry’s blog at Real Food Daily 

Ann Gentry of Real Food Daily will be teaching vegan cooking classes at Central Markets in Fort Worth, Dallas, and San Antonio this month. The class will include four courses and a copy of Gentry’s new cookbook Vegan Family Meals for $55. Gentry will incorporate Hatch chili peppers into several of the courses, including a Jalapeno-Hatch cornbread with scallion butter. You can’t cook at Central Market in August without Hatch peppers, after all. The description of the event is a little fuzzy about whether it’s completely vegan or not (I think it’s just cutesy writing), so it’s best to ask when you register. Considering you get to meet a famous restaurateur and cookbook author, eat a four course meal, and come home with a $25 book, this class is a great deal.

  • Dallas, Monday, August 22
  • Fort Worth, Tuesday, August 23
  • San Antonio, Wednesday, August 24

Vegans in Fort Worth

Fort Worth vegans are in the news today! Check out this profile of Spiral Diner cofounder James Johnston in Fort Worth Weekly. It’s mostly about his film career, but there are a few updates about Citizen Theater and a possible Austin Spiral Diner location.

This Dish Is Veg has a great piece by Fort Worth resident Kathryn Lorusso about being a good vegan ambassador. I think the her story rings true for many of us who are the only ones eating a piece of fruit while all our coworkers dive into a cheesecake or box of donuts.