Sunny Day Farms Open Farm Day

Vladimir at Sunny Day Farms. He was a FFA club project who was spared from the slaughterhouse. Photo by Sunny Day Farms

Do you have plans for this weekend yet? If so, cancel them. Sunny Day Farms is having an Open Farm Day this Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM. There will be story time, arts and crafts, and a scavenger hunt for the kids. Lunch will be provided by San Antonio’s all-vegan Vegeria, with proceeds benefitting the farm (i.e., bring cash). And of course, this is a great chance to meet the animals on the farm, like adorable Vladimir the Lamb above. You can RSVP on their Facebook page, though it’s not required to attend.

As always, I recommend donating to Sunny Day. It takes so much food and supplies to take care of these animals. They could use Tractor Supply gift cards, feed buckets, non-leather horse halters, lead ropes, and, of course, money. Have a rewards credit card? Use your rewards to get a gift certificate for Lowes or Home Depot for a painless donation.

Sunny Day Farms Volunteer Workshop

Feed me. Groom me. Love me.

Interested in learning how to care for farm animals? Or just want to hug a sheep for a bit (before mucking out a chicken coop)? Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary outside San Antonio is hosting a volunteer orientation Saturday, February 23, from 10 AM to 2 PM.

I’ve written about Sunny Day a million times, but I can’t say enough how much they do for farm animals and our community. Sunny Day provides homes to animals that have been abused, abandoned, neglected, or just treated like any other animal at a factory farm (i.e., terribly). But moreover Sunny Day teaches Central Texas about the lives of these animals and what we can do to improve them. Volunteers are vital to keep the animal sanctuary up and running.

Every week volunteers come to the farm, taking a few hours out of their busy lives to answer that persistent and urgent question by giving their time to SDF. These volunteers truly are the center of the farm. Some are here to gain experience in animal care to help them in future endeavors. Some are here simply because they love animals and will do anything to be around them. Others come because they love SDF and want to give back in a special, meaningful way. Whatever the reason, their tireless commitment to the farm and the animals is invaluable. We are forever grateful to be included in their answer to “life’s most persistent and urgent question.” Would YOU like to become a volunteer at the farm and learn to care for farmed animals? We are having an impromptu Volunteer Workshop next Saturday, February 23, from 10am-2pm. We know that this is completely last minute; however, we will be planning another workshop in the spring. These workshops are designed to educate those with or without prior farm experience to care for farmed animals at SDF. Please bring a sack lunch. Drinks will be provided. To register or for more information, please call Brooke at 210.508.8302

Neglected Pygmy Goats Need YOUR Help!

The pygmy goats pictured above need your help. The goats were severely neglected in Waco and were found starving and living among the rotting remains of other goats who didn’t make it. Sunny Day Farms would like to offer these goats a home, but they need your help sponsoring the animals. If Sunny Day can’t find or make homes for these animals, they’ll be sent to auction, which means almost certain death.

This is a heartbreaking story, and the photos are hard to look at. But you can help. Do you know someone capable of caring for a goat or two? Can you pledge money to Sunny Day to help with their upkeep? Do you know a farm animal vet who could offer free or reduced cost treatment? Even if you don’t have the means to help personally, you can help spread the word to those who can.

If you know of a potential home for a goat or can offer an in-kind donation, contact Brooke through the Sunny Day Farms Facebook page. If you’d like to donate money, send it through Pay Pal to info (at)