Shop for the Animals

Not like this. Photo by maury.mccown. Licensed under creative commons

If there’s one thing being an American has taught me, it’s that the best way to support your favorite cause is to go shopping. Just kidding. Buying pink scissors doesn’t help women, and buying a chicken sandwich certainly doesn’t help humans. Or chickens.

But occasionally this buying thing actually works. On Saturday, August 11, over 35 businesses have pledge to give 10% of their sales for the day to three animal sanctuaries: Out to Pasture Sanctuary, Hope Animal Sanctuary, and Chimp Sanctuary Northwest. The goal is to raise $20,000.

The Century part of “Sanctuary Century” refers to a 100 mile bike ride fundraiser to for these sanctuaries. If shopping isn’t your thing, you can donate directly to sponsor the riders.

Texas participating businesses include Happy Vegan Bakery, Rabbit Food Grocery, and Capital City Bakery. If you’re not in Austin or just don’t need any more cupcakes/soy curls/brownies, many online businesses are participating, too. A full list is available on the Sanctuary Century Facebook page.

Pygmy Goat Update

The situation with the goats is mostly good news. In summary

  • The goats (and now a few sheep) need to be moved quickly in order to ensure their safety.
  • Brooke would like to find homes for the goats, in socialized groups, in the Dallas area so the volunteers in the Waco-area who’ve worked to rescue these goats can visit them. If you know someone in the Dallas-area who could provide a good home to a few goats, please contact Brooke at 210.508.8302.
  • The volunteers, by the way, have worked a lot of magic. There isn’t an established Humane Society with lots of available resources in Waco like there is here in Austin. A handful of volunteers are using their personal resources and time to keep these animals safe and away from auction (which is what usually happens to seized farm animals).
Assuming you’re like me, you can’t take in a family of goats but the photos of them are haunting you. Here are ways you can help Sunny Day Farms help these animals and so many more with equally tragic stories.
  • Donate through Pay Pal. There isn’t a specific page set up for Sunny Day, but Pay Pal allows you to send money to an email address. So send what you can to Any amount helps.
  • Bake for one of the two bake sales benefiting Sunny Day Farms this month. There’s one in San Antonio and one in Austin. If you can’t bake, spread the word to everyone you know about the bake sales and their worthy cause. More information about both sales can be found here.
  • The Sunny Days in Texas benefit zine is still available for sale. Buy one for yourself or a friend. All profits go to Sunny Day Farms.
  • Attend the Gathering of the Tribes in Austin this Saturday where there will be a raffle benefitting Sunny Day Farms.
  • Donate items or time. Sunny Day can always use veterinarian care, animal medication, hay, bread, fresh produce, animal crates, building supplies, wheel barrows, gardening supplies, and animal grooming supplies.
  • Have a credit card that offers points? Redeem them for a gift card to Lowes or Home Depot and donate it to Sunny  Day. Gift cards or checks can be mailed to Sunny Day Farms, 540 Country Road 5711, La Coste, TX 78039-2309.

Help Green Seed Vegan Expand

Jerk Tempeh Sandwich from Green Seed Vegan. Photo by mollyjade

Green Seed Vegan, maker of delicious and healthy sandwiches and snacks out of a truck in Houston, is aiming to move into a brick-and-mortar location. A permanent location will allow them to expand their hours and menu. And judging by the food I’ve tried so far, I really want to have even more delicious options.

Vegan options have been expanding so fast in Texas, largely because of community support. It can be hard for young business owners to get loans in traditional ways. So if you want even more vegan food options in Houston, consider pledging a few dollars to Green Seed’s Kickstarter.