Vegan Drinks: September 2012

It’s time for another round of Vegan Drinks, Texas!

Join ATX Vegan Drinks at Cheer Up Charlie’s on August 7 at 7 PM. The usual food options (Via 313, Arlo’s, Fire and Soul, and Miso Hungry) will be there. I still haven’t gotten up the courage and money to try the Via 313 pizza. Seriously, y’all, that thing is $14! Maybe this time? RSVP on Facebook.

Dallas Vegan Drinks will be September 13 at 6:30 PM. Location TBA. Dallas is quickly gearing up for the third Texas State Veggie Fair, so someone be kind to hardworking Jamie and buy him a drink. UPDATE: Dallas Vegan Drinks will be at Pizza Lounge.

Information for starting a Vegan Drinks in your city can be found at

August Vegan Drinks

We’re back with another round of Vegan Drinks!

ATX Vegan Drinks will be August 3 back at Cheer Up Charlie’s. As usual, grab a bit to eat from Cool Haus, Arlo’s, Me So Hungry, Via 313, or Fire & Soul. The spicy vegan corn dog I had at Fire & Soul last time was delicious, but I have my eye on a pizza this time. RSVP on Facebook.

Dallas Vegan Drinks will be August 9. Location TBA.

San Antonio Vegan Drinks will be August 24 at 8:30 at Drink Cocktail Bar. Come by to meet vegan and veg-interested folks. San Antonio Vegans founder Shylah will be celebrating her birthday as well. Happy birthday, Shylah! Afterwards, join your fellow vegan drinkers for a bite to eat at TBD location. RSVP on Facebook.

Information for starting a Vegan Drinks in your city can be found at