One Lucky Duck Opening in San Antonio

Raw vegan One Lucky Duck Juice Bar recently opened a location in San Antonio. The restaurant is associated with Pure Food and Wine in New York City. The San Antonio location serve juices, salads, and snacks as well as carrying a small selection of raw food groceries, cosmetics, clothing, household goods, and pet supplies. The San Antonio juice bar is located at 303 Pearl Parkway.

San Antonio Vegan-Friendly Map

Sign outside Green Vegetarian in San Antonio

Sign outside Green Vegetarian in San Antonio

There’s a new San Antonio vegan blog called Veggie Angie. Angie just posted a terrific map of all the vegan-friendly restaurants in San Antonio. It’s incredibly thorough, with fifty-six restaurants currently listed. I’m pleased to add it to my list of Texas vegan restaurant guides. Besides the map, you’ll also find reviews of many of the restaurant on the blog.

Do you know of another Texas city guide I should add to my list? Let me know in the comments.

Winner! and Restaurant News

Hacienda on Henderson vegan brunch options from their Facebook page

A number of vegan-friendly Texas restaurants are changing things around. In Dallas, Hacienda on Henderson has added vegan brunch options to their already vegan-friendly menu. French toast sounds just about right to me. Dallas Vegan and MFA has been working with Hacienda on Henderson, and this just shows what big changes you can get by asking for more vegan options.

In Arlington, the Loving Hut is changing format again. This time they’re scrapping their pasta/wraps/anything goes menu for vegan pizza. This makes two restaurants offering vegan pizza with cheese in Arlington (the other is Mellow Mushroom). The new menu debuts March 19. I can’t wait to see what toppings they’ll offer.

And in San Antonio, Green Vegetarian has moved their Flores St location to the Historic Pearl Brewery. The new location is in a much more visible and accessible area. Menu and prices remain the same.


In site news, Annemieke is the winner of the Vegan Bag of Tricks. Congrats! Let me know if these giveaways are something you want me to continue.

Sunny Day Farms Open Farm Day

Vladimir at Sunny Day Farms. He was a FFA club project who was spared from the slaughterhouse. Photo by Sunny Day Farms

Do you have plans for this weekend yet? If so, cancel them. Sunny Day Farms is having an Open Farm Day this Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM. There will be story time, arts and crafts, and a scavenger hunt for the kids. Lunch will be provided by San Antonio’s all-vegan Vegeria, with proceeds benefitting the farm (i.e., bring cash). And of course, this is a great chance to meet the animals on the farm, like adorable Vladimir the Lamb above. You can RSVP on their Facebook page, though it’s not required to attend.

As always, I recommend donating to Sunny Day. It takes so much food and supplies to take care of these animals. They could use Tractor Supply gift cards, feed buckets, non-leather horse halters, lead ropes, and, of course, money. Have a rewards credit card? Use your rewards to get a gift certificate for Lowes or Home Depot for a painless donation.

PETA lauds veg options at San Antonio’s AT&T Center

A Texas stadium has made PETA’s list of veg-friendly NBA arenas. The AT&T Center where the San Antonio Spurs plays serves vegetarian burritos and tacos and a vegan apple turnover. If you pay the big bucks for premium seating, you can get vegan sloppy joes. For some reason, vegan sloppy joes are a popular option at NBA stadiums. They’re offered at six of the ten stadiums on PETA’s list.

Have any of you tried the vegan options at AT&T Center? How are the vegan options at your local sports arena? Austin doesn’t have many sports teams. So far I’ve been to an Austin Star’s minor league hockey game where fries were about the only thing available.

World Vegetarian Block Party

Source: Green Vegetarian

What’s better than a vegan cupcake eating contest? A vegan cupcake eating contest followed by a vegan hotdog eating contest!

Green Vegetarian in San Antonio is throwing a block party for World Vegan Month on Sunday, September 30 from 3 PM to 7 PM. If you want to participate in either eating contest show up at 5 PM.

Besides watching people stuff their faces for the possibility of $100 gift certificate to Green and movie tickets, there will be music, drinks, kids’ activities, and a bake sale benefiting SARA.

August Vegan Drinks

We’re back with another round of Vegan Drinks!

ATX Vegan Drinks will be August 3 back at Cheer Up Charlie’s. As usual, grab a bit to eat from Cool Haus, Arlo’s, Me So Hungry, Via 313, or Fire & Soul. The spicy vegan corn dog I had at Fire & Soul last time was delicious, but I have my eye on a pizza this time. RSVP on Facebook.

Dallas Vegan Drinks will be August 9. Location TBA.

San Antonio Vegan Drinks will be August 24 at 8:30 at Drink Cocktail Bar. Come by to meet vegan and veg-interested folks. San Antonio Vegans founder Shylah will be celebrating her birthday as well. Happy birthday, Shylah! Afterwards, join your fellow vegan drinkers for a bite to eat at TBD location. RSVP on Facebook.

Information for starting a Vegan Drinks in your city can be found at

Vegan Pizza in Texas

Cartoon by Matthew Diffee

So I get this cartoon. Really. Texas is a wasteland of BBQ and chicken fried steak. Except it isn’t, exactly. Don’t get me wrong. You can drive along miles and miles of highway seeing signs advertising brisket and chicken fried chicken, and Texas isn’t exactly known for its fresh produce or vegetarian cuisine. But this cartoon always makes me a little wistful, because people who think like this are missing out on some great vegan pizza.

Here in Austin you can find vegan New York-style, deep dish, Detroit-style, Italian wood oven-baked, and French bread pizzas, among the many many options. That’s a lot of vegan pizza.

So partly in honor of this cartoon and partly in honor of the fact that “vegan pizza in _____” is always one of my top search terms, here are links to vegan pizzas around Texas.

Austin, by Red Hot Vegans
Dallas-Fort Worth, by Dallas Vegan
Houston by Vegan Houston
San Antonio: Fraolo’s Art of Pizza and ZPizza via San Antonio Vegans


I have a few favorite vegan pizzas in Austin that didn’t make the Red Hot Vegans list. The Spicy Vegan at Brick Oven on 35th (not to be confused with Brick Oven) for some reason doesn’t get much love. Maybe because there’s no cheese on the pizza. But there’s chipotle pesto, which I think is even better. FYI you can also get the chipotle pesto on pasta (ask for no cream).

Sagra also makes some great vegan pizzas, and recently they started making pistachio cheese for their vegan pies. The pizzas are Italian-style, not the Italian-American pizzas which are the norm in the U.S., which means you get more creative vegetable toppings including arugula, truffle oil, and asparagus. Their menu changes seasonally.

May Vegan Drinks

I’m posting about May Vegan Drinks a bit earlier than usual since they’re all taking place early in the month.

Vegan Drinks San Antonio will meet at Drink Cocktail Bar again on May 1 from 7 to 9 PM. There’s free parking downtown on Tuesday evenings. RSVP on Facebook.

ATX Vegan Drinks will take place May 4 from 7 to 9 PM at vegan bar Cheer Up Charlies. Grab a drink and welcome Arlo’s to their new location in the lot by Cheer Up Charlies.

Dallas Vegan Drinks will feature a new location, Sundown at the Grenada. Join other DFW vegans on May 10 from 6:30 to 9:30 PM to have a few drinks and network. The folks at Sundown have made a big effort to create a vegan-friendly menu, so the food should be great.

Information for starting a Vegan Drinks in your city can be found at