Texas VegFest 2012 a Huge Success

A super huge thank you to everyone who came out to Texas VegFest this weekend! (And an extra big thank you to anyone who had to stand in line at all.) The other organizers and myself have been working our butts off for a year to make this happen, and it was everything we dreamed it would be.

Thanks to all our sponsors, speakers, vendors, and attendees! It couldn’t have happened without you. Since I was so personally involved in this, I’ll leave the reviewing to other people.







March Vegan Drinks

Lots of exciting announcements below!

ATX Vegan Drinks will be held at the Brixton again on Friday, March 30 from 7 PM to 9 PM. February was a huge success. I know because I had a bacn cheez burger AND chickn tacos from Arlo’s that night. The Brixton made up an entire vegan menu with lots of drink specials. The vegan white Russian was so popular they ran out of cream. Heads up that the vegan menu is available all month by request, though the drink specials are not.

Brixton ATX Vegan Drinks menu specials. Photo from ATX Vegan Drinks Facebook page

This month’s ATX Vegan Drinks is a special Texas VegFest edition sponsored by Compassion Over Killing. Compassion Over Killing will be accepting donations. Lots of people will be in town for the festival, so this is a good place to go if you’re visiting Austin or if you live in Austin and want to stalk vegan celebrities.* RSVP here.

Dallas Vegan Drinks will be Thursday, March 8, at Anvil Pub. This is a great opportunity to network and spread the word about your vegan cause. If you’d like a moment “on stage” contact Jamey at Dallas Vegan to set things ups. RSVP here.

And, finally, I’m proud to announce the launch of San Antonio Vegan Drinks! The first ever San Antonio Vegan Drinks will be Wednesday, March 21, from 7 PM to 9 PM, at Drink Cocktail Bar. Bring your friends and your business cards! RSVP here.

Information for starting a Vegan Drinks in your city can be found at vegandrinks.org.

*No guarantees that any vegan celebrities will show up. But you can always  hope!