Two Exciting Events at Sunny Day Farms

Photo by mollyjade. Licensed under creative commons

Sunny Day Farms, the farm animal sanctuary just outside San Antonio, has two great events this May. This coming weekend, Saturday, May 21, Sunny Day is hosting a day of workshops on gardening topics, including hydroponics, rainwater harvesting, permaculture, and composting. There will also be special events for kids. See Sunny Day’s post on Facebook for more information.

Photo by Adrien Nier. Licensed under creative commons

Later this month, on May 28 at 11AM, Sunny Day is throwing a Summer Kickoff Party featuring vegan BBQ. Bring your favorite vegan food to throw on the grill. (I have a post about vegan grilling on my other blog if you need food ideas.) RSVP on the Facebook event page so Brooke knows how many people to expect.

Sunday lunch: veggie ribs, bourbon-glazed sweet potatoes, and mac and cheese


Alin brought me a funny/weird/fascinating box of “Veggie Ribs” from her recent trip to Portland (the contents of which, hilariously enough, were produced in Tomball, Texas!). Basically, it’s a boxed seitan mix. You add tahini (or peanut butter), water, and margarine, then bake with BBQ sauce. Now, I don’t have anything to compare this to, having never, in all my 25+ years as a Texan meat-eater, been able to bring myself to eat a rib. But I can say they were fairly flavorful, chewy, nicely browned and crunchy around the edges, and interesting. If I had another box, I would make them again. Or, I might just make seitan strips marinated in BBQ sauce in the future.


This was also the first time I’ve made BBQ sauce from scratch – I used the Veganomicon recipe, and was very pleased. Now I have a whole 4 cups of BBQ sauce in my fridge! Cost? One onion and some pantry staples. Awesome!

bbq sauce

The New Farm Macaroni and Cheese recipe is here, and the Southern sweet potatoes are here (unmashed this time around).

sweet potatoes

mac and cheese


Thanks, Alin!

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Vegans Rock BBQ! (Austin)

Let’s fire up the grill and make the omnivores jealous. Rain or shine, we have indoor and outdoor seating. Please RSVP with items you’d like to bring, especially:

Hot dog & burger buns
Potato salad
Any kind of side dishes
Vegan burgers
Vegan hot dogs
Skewers of veggies
Chips and salsa
Ice cream

Of course, as usual, please bring a dish free of any animal products, including meat, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, etc.

For address, directions, and to RSVP, please click here.